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Community Projects

After all is said and done and even before this fact it is important to recognize and give to those in need of our giving. "I am what I am because of who we all are." A philosophy that is as natural to us at Kabu Design Architects as is designing African spaces.

Design, art & life become so much richer and better expressed; when we extend ourselves in the direction of the service of others. Because we value what it means to give back. Having partnered with FNB as a volunteer and with Buyani Trust; and collaborating with big business in an effort to make the lives of our fellow South Africans a little better. Therefore, community business is our way of thanking and showing that the correct synergies can manifest a multitude of gratitude.

Our Partners

  • The DTI
  • IDT
  • Activate
  • FNB
  • Grace Bible Church
  • Optimal Engineering Solutions